The Club
The Irish Wolfhound Association of New England is a breed club dedicated to the welfare of the Irish Wolfhound.

Our members include Irish Wolfhound breeders as well as families and single owners from all walks of life. Some of our members have a kennel, some have a few IWs, many have only one, and we even have members who do not currently own an Irish Wolfhound but love the breed and are steadfast patrons of their welfare.

Some members show their hounds in conformation or obedience (or both), others participate in tracking, lure coursing, pet therapy, or just enjoy their hounds’ company. Despite our differences, we have one thing in common: an incredible love for this
noble hound’s future as a breed.

IWANE subscribes to the purpose and intent of the Code of Ethical Conduct and Standard of Behavior for Breeders of our breed’s parent club, the Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.
We hold four meetings a year:
Spring meeting
IWANE Match meeting
IWANE Specialty meeting
Fall meeting

And we have a well-organized Rescue Program. Many of our rescues have been adopted by our own club members.
The club hosts two conformation events every year; our Specialty where Irish Wolfhounds from around the nation and Canada come to compete for Best of Breed and our educational Match where regional wolfhounds and their owners get together for a day of fun and socializing. We also support entries at local All Breed shows.

If you are interested in finding out more information on owning an Irish Wolfhound or becoming a member of IWANE, please contact one of our Board Members or Club Officers who would be happy to answer your questions.

Director, Class of 2023:  Karen Eberl
Honorary President: The President of

President: Andrea Dormady
Vice President: Colleen Brown
Secretary: Joni Light
Treasurer: Janel Milner
Board Members
Director, Class of 2021: Patricia Campbell
Director, Class of 2022: John Fitzgerald

Director, Class of 2023:  Karen Eberl
Honorary President: The President of the IWCA, Inc.