IWANE Policies

Rescue – General Policy Statement: 

IWANE is committed to support rescue and will do so in close coordination with the IWCA, through volunteerism and/or financial support.  IWANE will not be considered as engaged as a volunteer in a rescue/placement unless:

  • The President of IWANE has acknowledged and agreed to this participation and support,
  • The IWCA National Chair has agreed to, and is engaged in coordinating volunteer efforts,
  • IWCA rescue and IWANE Board has been dually notified in accordance with the procedures below.

IWCA Rescue:  Jean Minnier         hminnier@bellatlantic.net

Please see Policies and Procedures for more information.


  1. Any person may notify IWANE Board of a potential rescue (private persons, member, IWCA etc.)    Notification does not require/necessitate engagement.  It is preferred that this request be in writing but it is understood that this may not always be possible.
  2. The President of IWANE will notify the IWCA Rescue Chair and will also differ to IWCA, for all procedures, forms and placement efforts.
  3. The President of IWANE will seek agreement with IWCA Rescue Chair before any support initiates.  The President will also follow-up with a written notification to all BOD members on the details of the IWANE/IWCA rescue coordination within 24-48 hours of engagement.  Notification shall include breeder of IW if known, location of hound and current owner of hound, any/all known and agreed to terms of surrender as well as, the names and roles of any requested involvement of IWANE volunteers. The President (or designee) may consult the IWANE Board for a vote at any time regarding any support provided.
  4. IWANE Members cannot represent rescue on behalf of IWANE unless the President of IWANE (or their designee) and the Chair of IWCA rescue has acknowledged their participation and role in each individual rescue case. 
  5. The President of IWANE will solicit volunteers and recommend financial support if needed.  The President may also delegate IWANE coordination tasks to another board member.  If delegated, then IWCA Rescue Chair and IWANE BOD should be notified within the 24-48-hour period.
  6. The IWANE Board must vote on any financial support.
  7. In the event that there is not an agreement concerning a rescue between IWANE President (or designee) and IWCA Rescue Chair, volunteers will not be deployed, and no monies allocated by IWANE, until the matter is resolved or deferred to other authorities. 
  8. If property ownership of hound(s) is in question, IWANE must defer to other authorities in accordance with prevailing state, federal and county laws.
  9. Should the IWCA National Rescue Chair also be a member of IWANE, the president or secretary of IWANE (or designee) shall inform IWCA on coordinated activities within a 24–48-hour period from the time of agreement.

IWANE Procedures as Voted by Membership

Proceeds from Sarah Hicks Trust

Proceeds from the trust are intended for Health, Education, and Rescue.  The Club receives the disbursements at the end of the year.  The Club Treasurer tracks funds from this disbursement to be sure it is being utilized correctly. We are able to use money if there are no funds available in our rescue fund for a situation that arises, to print educations materials, have funds for educational programs and for providing health testing to be used in ongoing studies.  At the end of the year what ever is left it is the club’s intention to have the membership vote on where to send the remaining balance to help our breed.  The choices given to the membership will be based on what the health and education committee comes up with as the most important studies or projects that fall within the limits of the Trust and will be most beneficial to our breed. 

Judges Selection

The membership is requested to submit the names of both Sweepstakes and Confirmation judges with their contact information and biographies to the board. The list is brought down to three by the board to be put on the ballots for the membership to vote on during the meeting held at our specialty each year.  If three judges are not submitted the board will come up with additional judges to make a choice of three.  Judges will be on a one-year foreign, one-year domestic judge schedule, unless for financial reasons the club is unable to fiscally handle the expenses of getting a foreign judge. 

The board holds the right to make exceptions on submitted judges as follows: 

  • Judged a specialty recently in the northeast.
  • Age and health of judge whereas they have to be able to complete their assignment during potentially high heat and humidity.
  • The board feels strongly a judge will not draw a good entry.

Once voted on by the membership, if a judge declines the assignment, the judge who had the second most member votes will be contacted. 

The votes are for judges being held two years from the specialty the vote is being held at.

Heart Testing

IWANE will donate to the IWF each year to support the Lifelong Heart study and will endeavor to make available members dogs to have available to have their hounds put in the study or to be continued to be monitored for the Heart Study at our annual specialty Non – members are able to get heart testing at the normal discounted rate that the IWF charges to offset costs for the cardiologist and expenses.  All bookings and scheduling will be handled directly through the IWF.