General Policy Statement:  IWANE is committed to support rescue and will do so in close coordination with the IWCA, through volunteerism and/or financial support.  IWANE will not be considered as engaged as a volunteer in a rescue/placement unless:

  • The President of IWANE has acknowledged and agreed to this participation and support,
  • The IWCA National Chair has agreed to, and is engaged in coordinating volunteer efforts,
  • IWCA rescue and IWANE Board has been dually notified in accordance with the procedures below.

Please see Policies and Procedures for more information.

Update on Chloe: This regal lady passed away in June of 2020. She had a wonderful, long life and will be missed.

These housemates were grossly underweight when the owner surrendered them to the Scituate Animal Shelter in 2019, who in turn promptly contacted IWANE. Marshall, Cheyenne and Seamus are now in their forever homes living the dream. They have been health checked, groomed and are provided proper nutrition and exercise. As you can see, Marshall has discovered soft beds.

Below are some selfies with rescue, Wolfie, and his humans, Heather and Bill Goff. So many beautiful reasons to smile.