Sportsman of the Year Awards

Sportsman of the Year Awards

The William Holmes Memorial Sportsmanship Award is given to an individual who has shown exemplary support of the club and exhibits the very best traits of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity.  This individual best embodies the values and ideals of the club and specifically the Irish Wolfhound breed.

IWANE adheres to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and our own code of conduct embraces these values. For more information please visit the AKC website, or view the code below.

Recipients who have been honored by this award include:

Bill Wimsatt 2022 (on the right)

Justine Corchado 2021

Sue Gilson 2020

Raven Wolf Axelrad          2019

Andrea Dormady              2018

Dick & Jane Staudt           2017

Al Jenuska                         2016

Pat Campbell                     2015

Sue Orr                              2014

Janel Milner                      2013

John Fitzgerald                  2012

Jodi Burnham                    2011

Rosemary Wortman         2010

Karen Eberl                        2009

Bill Holmes                        2008 (After whom this award is dedicated.)